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I was born in Izmir, on November 6, 1991. Respectively I graduated from Karsıyaka Primary School, Tegmen Ali Riza Akinci High School, Anadolu University (Business Administration-BA) and Celal Bayar University (International Trade-license). I completed my graduate courses within the double degree program with London Middlesex University in the UK and Vilnius Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania (Electronic Business Management). I continue to take classes in International Business Management programme in Vaasa University. I plan to defend my thesis and graduate in 2017.

If you ask why I only talk about education up to here, It’s because education is the only thing which I’ve never left and it is the only thing which has never left me. I think, if education had an chance to abandon me, it would take that chance, because I have never been a perfect student. Still, I think life is an exam and I should get knowledge as much as possible to be able to answer the questions of this exam. If I am going to talk about my business life, I made so various business in various places in service industry, especially in animation and organization. Because I want to do business in a field for which I am educated. I have scraped all of my experiences, beautiful memories into my mind and left these works behind.

I should dive, swim, travel around. In fact, should fly.

I should discover everywhere. I should feel, learn, teach and share.

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I created my blog as a cleartext without any image over a Blogger which offers service that is for writers since 1999.

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Books, music and internet sine qua non of my life like of a lot of people’s lives.

I should read more, listen more, work more.



Social life and communication are what make us human. I trust people and I like them a lot.

As we make friends, share things, listen to people’s life stories, don't you think we fit more than one life into our lives?


Now, I’ll talk about my future blogs which I’m going to share in here soon.


In this blog, I am going to try to explain my childhood and puberty days beginning with my birthday in details. I going share my school life up to the end of high school, my earliest works, perspective of the people around me, problems which I encountered and aboved all, how I solved these problems. I believe that this blog is going to explain you, the readers, how I became a humanistic and an optimistic person.

Colors of My Life

Exes, ones who can't respond to my love and ones who can't take respond to their love... The topic of this blog is the people who somehow go into my life and their means which is in my mind and in my heart. I believe that this blog is going to be filled with sweet and painful memories...

The Journal of a Bar

This story is about a bar which is ruined to be decorated at the beginning and after that, its owner gives up this idea and leave it as a ruin and five penniless young friends take over the place and make it a real bar. From opening to closing, it witnessed so many events; love stories, new friendships, resentments between friends, peaces, other bar staffs, neighborhoods and interesting customers... It will be a pleasant blog especially with the funny parts.

The Beautiful Spring

In this blog, I am going to share late springs in cold countries, the wait for those springs, what I see abroad and what I felt there by giving dates.

There are many place to see and travel around. If I don’t observe what is happening around the world, how can I make a decision about things I want to realize?

I need to travel more to make decisions about discovering, learning, who I want to be and what I want to do.






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I’ve shared my feelings and thoughts with you. Please feel free to share yours with me.

"Sharing is caring."

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